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Welcome to lime-light.org@lj -- the official livejournal.com community!

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- Please stay on topic. Lime-Light.org is a celebrity oriented community.
- Picture posting is okay, as long as it's not pornography or anything obscene. Any graphics and images belong under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to work one, read LiveJournal's FAQ and learn to use it.
- If you post graphics post at least five or more to make your post worthwhile.
- Do not come in here and bash Lime-Light.org, or any of it's members or staff. Go talk shit elsewhere.
- All of your introductions should be posted HERE.
- When posting articles, please do not make a new post for each one. Keep your batch of articles in one post so we don't have one page filled by the same user.
- Do not advertise any communities or websites here. If you want to be an affilate please E-MAIL US.
- There is now a new rule reguarding the request of pictures/links to pictures: It is not allowed anymore! You may post your own pictures, but do not request any (and yes that includes full images of avatars!) or links to any pictures. This community was made for posting pictures and celebrity news/updates, not requesting!
- Also, please realize that this community was meant to be more active when Lime-Light.org is temporarily down, whether it'd be a hiatus or down for site maintenance. So the community won't be that active while Lime-Light.org remains open to all!

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